Courtney passes first time in York!

A massive well done to Courtney Gray who today passed her driving test first time with only two driving faults!

A fantastic achievement but especially so as we only found out about the test last week! Courtney was originally due to take take her test in May and had it cancelled due to COVID-19. Due to her working in the NHS she is a critical worker and was told she would still be able to take her test, we just didn’t know when! We’ve taken every safety precaution necessary to get out on a few lessons to get her ready over this past week and all that hard work and listening to me moan about my sweaty glove hands paid off!

Really well done Courtney. So chuffed for you! You’re a safe, responsible and very capable driver and you should have no doubts about your driving capabilities. To pass in the middle of all this stress and at such short notice shows what a cracking driver you are! I can’t wait to see you in the ambulance one day, just hopefully passing by and not coming to pick me up! Congratulations and enjoy celebrating before you have to get back to work. And enjoy the Percy Pig ice cream!




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