17.01.15 – New Year, New Passes

Congratulations to Amanda and Karen who have both passed their driving test this week with Christie Lee Driving.

Amanda Rodriguez passed in York on 15.01.15 with 8 minor driving faults.

Karen Bonarius passed first time in York on 17.01.15. Despite worries about the snow getting worse Karen had an excellent drive and passed with 7 minor driving faults. Congratulations Karen, really well deserved.

Karen had these kind words to say about her lessons:

Christie lee I would recommend to anybody learning to drive. She’s a fantastic instructor, makes you feel so good about driving and I’m going to miss my lessons. But on the plus side I passed my test first time 🙂 so a big thank you. Couldn’t of done it without her.

Well done to both of you. A great way to start the year off! Enjoy driving!

Amanda & Karen

20.12.14 – An early Christmas present for Rhianne! 

Congratulations to Rhianne Sleight who passed her driving test in York with just 4 minor driving faults! Rhianne had an excellent drive on a busy day in York and really deserved this great pass. Thanks for your kind words Rhianne!

Thank you so much Christie. My driving lessons have been amazing and such a great experience because of you! I would recommend you to everybody, so friendly:) Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you very much! Xx

Rhianne Sleight 20.12.14

15.12.14 – Congratulations Hollie!

Congratulations to Hollie Crosby who passed her driving test in Pontefract. Hollie had previously failed her driving test two times with another instructor but passed first time after lessons with Christie Lee Driving. We found a way to take the picture despite her not being keen on having her picture taken that early! Really well done Hollie – you’re an excellent driver and this is well deserved!

Hollie had this to say about her lessons:

Would recommend you to anyone!! Made me feel so at ease and was like driving with my friend next to me. Helped my confidence loads and really can’t thank you enough!!!!!

Hollie Crosby 15.12.14

05.12.14 – A week of passes!

It’s been a great week for Christie Lee Driving with 3 pupils passing their driving test! Congratulations to Zander Zander, Faye Campbell and Isaac Wass who all passed their driving tests in York. After failing tests with other driving instructors, both Faye and Zander came to me and passed on their first attempt.

Faye had these kind words to say about her lessons:

“Amazing instructor gets straight to the point and made learning to drive fun would highly recommend to everyone.”

Congratulations to the three of you!

24.11.14 – Free Theory Test help for all pupils!

Well done to Rhianne, Carlie, Karen and Karina who all passed their theory tests this month with the help of Christie Lee Driving. All pupils who learn with us get free theory test help with Theory Test Pro. To find out more click here.


27.10.14 – Valentina’s Day

Congratulations to Valentina Lucijanova who passed her test in Pontefract with 7 minor driving faults. Really well done Valentina! You’re an excellent driver and deserved this pass!

Valentina 27.10.14

18.10.14 – A great week!

Congratulations to Matthew Clough and Georgia Hills who both passed their driving tests first time with Christie Lee Driving this week!

Matthew took his test on Monday 13th October in York and passed with just 1 driving fault!! His result is a credit to his driving and well deserved.

Georgia also passed first time in on Wednesday 15th October at Pontefract test centre. Georgia had a great drive and came away with 5 driving faults.

Congratulations to you both! Looking forward to seeing you on the road!


08.10.14 – Congratulations Becki!

Congratulations to Becki Clay who passed her test in York today with just 4 minors! Becki had this to say about her lessons with Christie Lee Driving:

“Taking driving lessons was a massive deal for me and Christie put me at ease and I actually enjoyed my lessons! I wouldn’t have passed my test if it wasn’t for Christie! Thank you soooo much for everything!!”

Thanks for you kind words Becki and well done again!


02.09.14 – First Time Test Pass in Pontefract

Congratulations to Jordan Edwards who passed his test first time with Christie Lee Driving today. Jordan passed with just 3 minors and had an excellent drive! A well deserved pass. Well done Jordan and enjoy driving.


19.08.14 – First Time Theory Test Passes

Congratulations to Gosia Rodzeń and Richard Watson who both passed their theory test first time today! Well one both of you! Now on to the driving test!

Gosia and Richard both used Theory Test Pro to revise which is provided free to all my pupils. Find out more here.

15.08.14 – Keeping The Faith!

Congratulations to Faith Carmichael who passed her driving test today in York! Thanks for your kind comments Faith and well done!

“Thank you so much for everything Christie! Without your support and way of teaching I would have never passed! You are such a wonderful teacher and person and I truly still can’t believe I passed!”

Faith Carmichael 15.08.14

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