titleQualified Female Driving Instructor based in Selby, York, Pontefract and the surrounding areas. 

13.01.16 – Congratulations Aaron!

Well done to Aaron Friar who has passed his driving test FIRST TIME today in Pontefract.

Our first test and first pass of the year and thoroughly deserved!

Aaron Friar 13.01.16 logo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to learners past and present! Thanks for your business and support over the past year, especially the past week with the car problems!
Well done to everyone who has passed their driving test this year. Here’s to many more in 2016!
Have a good Christmas and I’ll see you all next year (with a working car and brand new gearbox! 🙂

10.12.15 – Congratulations Beth!

Congratulations to Beth Coates who just passed her driving test in York!! Really well deserved. Well done!

Beth Coates 10.12.15

20.11.15 – Well Done Kerry-Ann!

Congratulations to Kerry Ann Hamilton who passed her driving test today in York with just 4 minors. Well deserved and worth the early start! Well done Kerry!

Kerry Hamilton logo 20.11.15

05.11.15 – First Time Pass for April!

Congratulations to April Burton who has just passed her driving test first time in Pontefract! April passed with 7 minor driving faults on some very busy roads.

Really well done April for an excellent drive and first time pass!

April Burton logo 05.11.15

04.11.15 – Congratulations Aaron!

Well done to Aaron Shaw who passed his driving test in Pontefract this morning with just 4 minors. A well deserved pass by a great driver. Congratulations!

Aaron Shaw logo 04.11.15

02.11.15 – Pass Plus

Well done to Dylan Tonks who completed his Pass Plus course this weekend in dreadful fog! Definitely covered the Bad Weather module!

04.10.15 – Pass Plus

Congratulations to Kate Sordabak & Peter Wright who both completed their Pass Plus course this week. A great achievement and two very safe drivers. Well done!

The course includes motorway driving and bad weather driving and not only helps boost your confidence on the road but, in some cases, can save you money on your car insurance.

To find out more click here or ask in the car.

pass plus

25.09.15 – Birthday Pass

Congratulations to Dylan Tonks who passed his test today in York with just 4 minors. With today being his birthday it was cause for double celebration. Dylan drove really well and deserved such a good pass after all the work he’s put in. Well done Dylan!

Dylan Tonks 25.09.15

17.09.15 – Two First Time Passes!

Congratulations to both Dee Glynn and Peter Wright who both passed their driving tests this week on the first attempt!

Dee passed her driving test on the 16th September at Pontefrant test centre with 6 minor driving faults. Dee is a fantastic driver and completely deserved this pass after all the work she put in and knocking those bad habits! 

Peter passed on the 17th September with just 2 minors in York. Peter had a perfect drive, only incurring his minors in the test centre when setting off (down to nerves). This great pass is a testament to his fantastic driving and hard work. Well done Peter!

Congratulations to both of you and good luck on the road!

Dee Peter

07.09.15 – Congratulations Jenny!

Well done to Jenny Pickard who passed her driving test with just 5 minors. Jenny proved she is a safe and competent driver and completely deserved this pass! Congratulations!

01.09.15 – First time pass for Kate!

Congratulations to Kate Sordabak who passed her test first time with only 2 minors. The examiner said she didn’t have any doubts that Kate would pass and that she was a very safe driver. Completely true and we’ll deserved. Well done!!!!

Kate Sordabak 01.09.15 logo

26.08.15 – Congratulations Danielle!

Congratulations to Danielle who has just passed her driving test in York with just 2 minor driving faults. An excellent drive in horrible weather and a deserved pass! Well done Danielle!!!!

Danielle logo 26.08.15

11.08.15 – Well done Liberty!

Congratulations to Liberty who passed her driving test FIRST TIME this morning in Pontefract. An excellent drive with only 4 minor driving faults. Really well done – well deserved!

Liberty 11.08.15 logo

06.07.15 – Congratulations Ade! 

Congratulations to Ade who passed her driving test in York with just 2 minor driving faults. She had a fantastic drive and really deserved this pass! Well done!

Ade 06.07.15

08.06.15 – Paper Counterpart no longer valid

Remember, as of today, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA.


The counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard. These details include some vehicle categories you are entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points. This can now be found online.

If you already hold a paper counterpart, after 8 June 2015 it will no longer have any legal status. You should destroy your paper counterpart after this date but you still need to keep your current photocard driving licence.

There is now an online service to check someone’s driving licence information, eg. the vehicles they can drive or any penalty points or disqualifications. To use this service, click here. Instead of asking you to bring your paper counterpart with you on your first lesson, driving instructors will now use this service, asking you to provide them with a ‘check code’ before your lesson.

Drivers can view their driving licence information online and generate a check code to share details with third parties at www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence.

24.03.15 – 2 passes in 2 days!

Congratulations to Carrie Simpson (left) who passed her test in York on 23rd March. Carrie passed with 7 minors despite having the worst cold ever. Well done Carrie and get well soon!

And well done to Sam Coy (right) who passed her driving test in York on 24th March with only 4 minor driving faults. Sam had taken two tests previously with other driving instructors but passed first time with Christie Lee Driving.

Sam had this to say about her lessons:

Driving with Christie was amazing, she makes you feel comfortable from the off and helps you all the way through it. Christie is friendly, bubbly and lovable. She loves to sing to you though lol. Will miss my lessons with you Christie. Thank you for everything you are a legend 🙂

Two well deserved passes!


17.03.15 – Congratulations Rich!

Well done to Richard Watson who has passed his driving test in York with only 3 minor driving faults. Really well done Rich – you deserved it.

Richard Watson 17.03.15

04.03.15 – Rachel Passes First Time

Congratulations to Rachel Roberts who passed her driving test FIRST TIME in Leeds Harehills this morning.

Due to working away for months at a time, Rachel took an intensive course and passed in just over 20hrs. This first time pass is a credit to her excellent driving. Well done Rachel!

Rachel Roberts 04.03.15

23.02.15 – Jake Passes First Time

Congratulations to Jake Hargreaves who passed his test first time in York with 7 minor driving faults. Jake drove really well and deserved this first time pass. Well done Jake!

Jake Hargreaves 23.02.15

06.02.15 – Another First Time Pass

Well done to Carlie Rodwell who passed her test first time in York with just 4 minor driving faults.

The examiner said Carlie drove really well considering everything that was thrown at her (ponies and more!) Really well done Carlie. You deserved this first time pass. A great driver!

Carlie Rodwll 06.02.15

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Christie is a fantastic teacher. Very patient and always willing to explain things with visual aids in the form of very detailed diagrams. She always helped me feel confident on the roads whilst also being good fun and not too serious all the time. She was always happy and enthusiastic to teach me and is very flexible about moving lessons and cancellations. I really enjoyed learning to drive. The bad side of passing first time was- no more christie. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Thank you! You’re a brilliant teacher Christie! You Helped me with all of my driving fears and nerves, explained everything thoroughly and went over anything that I didn’t understand straight away. Very understanding of a nervous new driver and lot of fun when learning to drive. You’re definitely a five-star teacher!😊

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